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Table of Contents:


Welcome & Office Hours



Most Importantly



Tuition Payment and Registration Fees



Meet/Clinic Fee Assessments



Team Uniforms



Discipline Procedures



Gymnast Rules & Guidelines



NEGTC Guidelines for Parents



General Progression, Placement & Competition Rules



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NEGTC Calendar



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Tuition Payment Schedule



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New England Gymnastics Training Center, L.L.C.

5 Tracy Lane, Hudson, New Hampshire   03051

603-880-8GTC  (8482)  ****  E-MAIL:  NEGTC@COMCAST.NET





I.       WELCOME





Dear Team Parent:



Welcome to NEGTC - a USA Gymnastics Training Center and home of the NEGTC competitive teams.  We feel our teams are among the best in the area - a fact proven true by our awards and team rankings.  It is an honor and a privilege for your child to be selected to our team programs.


Philosophy of NEGTC

Our philosophy is a simple one.  We strive to ensure that each and every child in our program is made to feel special.  We offer growth in the areas of strength, flexibility, peer interaction, development of self-confidence and overall well-being in conjunction with gymnastic skill acquisition.  Our goals are to offer every child the best professional and organized gymnastic instruction with new state-of-the-art equipment in a fun-filled, controlled learning environment.  We hope that all your child’s gymnastic dreams come true here at NEGTC!


Our coaching staff is professional and highly qualified.  Our emphasis on correct form, proper technique and precise execution will result in higher scores for your gymnast.  If you have any questions, call the office and ask to speak to the appropriate Team Coach/Owner(s).  They’ll be glad to help in any way possible.  Once again, congratulations and welcome to NEGTC!!!



Office Hours

Monday, 3:00 – 7:30pm

Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday 9:00am – 1:30pm and 3:00 –7:30pm

Friday  No Office Hours

Saturday 8am – 12noon

Team parents are in the gym several days per week.  We ask that you review these office hours.  Thank you.



II.      Most Importantly....


The information found in this section is the most important of all.  Please read this section carefully.


TEAM TUITION – payments due every 4 weeks - not at the beginning of a month, but on the first day of every Session BEFORE CLASS STARTS.  We do not hand out bills . . . tuition payment schedule is listed on Page 26.  Session dates are listed on the NEGTC calendar.  Late payment fee - $20.00 assessed if payment is received by the due date.  Extensions must be arranged in advance and approved by Mary Ann.  There are no refunds or make-ups for time missed by a gymnast.  It is your responsibility to pay your tuition on a timely basis.  If your child is out during the week your tuition is due, we ask that you mail your payment in.  We have commitments to meet and cannot do so if payments are not timely.  Please note office hours.


REGISTRATION FEE - A non-refundable registration fee is due when your gymnast re-enrolls each year (June - May).  Team gymnast’s enrollment period will be held each year during the month of May.


MEET FEE ASSESSMENTS - All competition and clinic expenses for gymnasts and coaches including meet fees, coaches fees and expenses, coaches overnight travel expenses for travel, meals and lodging are paid from one account - the assessment account.  The coaching fee is $100 per session per coach.  Meal per diem is $15/$15/$25 (breakfast/lunch/dinner).  All coaches who train team gymnasts are given the opportunity to attend all events with the levels they train, whether regardless of the number of gymnasts that qualify.  Owner(s) of NEGTC is connected to all NEGTC programs and will attend as many events as the schedule permits as a coach at the above rate.  This account will be funded by assessments to all competing gymnasts - payable in five payments (see schedule in “Meet Assessment Fee”).  The meet assessment fee’s main purpose is to fund your gymnast’s meet expenses.  Your assessment is determined by estimating meet fees, coaches’ fees and travel expenses (coaches travel/meals/lodging), etc.  The estimate is usually on the low side and your account may need additional funds throughout the season.  Once meet fees are sent in, refunds are usually not possible for any reason (including weather or injury).  Meet assessments will help our gym run smoother and more professionally than ever.  No hassles - no complaints!  Assessment payments are deposited into a separate “team parent account”.  Payments are made payable to “Team Parents Fund” and given to the office.  If your child transfers into a rec class, we ask that you complete the current session.  Tuition is not adjusted or refunded.  Your rate will be changed to the new class rate at the beginning of the next session.  If you leave our program, any unpaid fees due to NEGTC will be deducted from the assessment account and any balance will be refunded to you.  If you leave during a session, there are no refunds.  Team uniform orders and meet entries will be put “on hold” if your assessment payments are past due.


ABSENCES - All absences must be called into your child’s coach with the reason for his absence.  Please do not call and say, “Johnny won’t be in today”.  An excessive number of absences excused or unexcused make for unsafe participation in practices and/or competitions.  Practices during the week of a competition are absolutely mandatory.  Missing one practice (unexcused) automatically disqualifies that gymnast from that week’s competition!  An excused practice (approved by the coach) - you may swap with another day (can’t come on Tuesday, come Monday instead).  If at any time the coaching staff feels the lack of quantity and/or quality of practice time has created an unsafe situation, a parent, gymnast, coach meeting will be held.  Termination from NEGTC’s competitive program may result.  If we decide to cancel practice due to the weather, an updated message will be left on the answering machine.  It is your responsibility to call in before driving to the gym.

II.      Most Importantly Cont’d....



TELEPHONE USE - If you need to make a call, please use your own cell phone or borrow a cell phone from another parent.  We ask that you do not use the office phone.


MAIL – Notices regarding gym events, competitions, policies, payments, etc. will be E-MAILED.  It is your responsibility to check your e-mail daily as well as ask your child when he comes home from the gym to make sure you are aware of what’s going on.  It is also your responsibility to check the NEGTC Team Info bulletin board located in the mezzanine.  Please read all communications carefully and completely before coming to the office.  If after doing so you still have questions, we’ll be glad to answer them for you.


No food or drinks are allowed in the gym.  Upon asking permission from the appropriate coach, a gymnast may drink water from the water cooler located within the gym.  There are two bathrooms located in the gym for gymnast’s use.  Gymnasts may bring water bottles with covers into the gym during the months of July and August.


Gymnasts who transfer from other gyms during the competition season will be given an adjusted meet fee assessment amount based on the meets the gymnast will compete in.  Gymnasts who are not ready to compete at the beginning of the competitive season, will be given advance notice by the Team Coach and Mary Ann as to when they will start competing.


ATHLETE MEMBERSHIP - 100% of all athletes in a USA Gymnastics Sanctioned Event must be pre-registered athlete members of USAG and be able to produce or have their coach supply a current, valid registration number assigned by USAG membership department.  Athlete membership season begins each August 1 and runs through the following July 31.  All athlete memberships are automatically null and void each July 31.  USA Gymnastics will mail registration forms to the gym.  Each gymnast will receive an athlete form to complete and return to the office with a check payable to NEGTC (no credit cards please).  If you do not receive a form or join NEGTC’s program mid-season, please come to the office.  These forms must be completed by you, the parent, and returned to NEGTC’s office so we can mail them to USAG headquarters in Indianapolis as a group.  Processing usually takes 2 - 4 weeks and all athletes must have their new athlete number by mid-October due to sanctioned clinic participation and competition involvement.


TEAM PHOTOS - Annual team photographs are taken sometime during the winter timeframe.  Each gymnast must be in attendance and present himself in proper competitive attire (tank shirt, shorts, pants and hair suitable for competition, etc.).  Individual photos can also be taken.  Gymnasts who show up without their required competitive attire will not be allowed in the team photo session.


MEETS - When NEGTC hosts a meet in our gym, it is mandatory that all team coaches, parents and gymnasts pitch in and help set up and clean up the gym and put all equipment back to its original location before leaving the gym.  The success of our program is based on teamwork and you, the parents, are part of the team.  Your child’s participation in meets may be affected if we have to chase you.


III.    Tuition Payment and Registration Fees








You must pay for your child’s spot on team, not just the practices attended.  In other words, you must pay for a spot on team whether or not your child attends class or practice.  Team Tuition - Team payments are based on an 8-week workout period.  Payment should be made at the time the service is provided (before class starts).  A payment schedule is included in this handbook on page 26.  We do not hand out bills.  Payments must be made on a timely basis (at the office or via U.S. mail).


Late Payment Fee - In order to avoid a $20.00 late fee, full payment must be received by the first day in each payment week.  It is a parent’s responsibility to make arrangements with the office if your tuition will not be made on a timely basis or paid in full.  Accounts carrying a balance will be considered late and assessed the late fee.  Extensions must be arranged in advance and approved by Mary Ann.


Returned Check Fee - Returned check fee is $20.


Missed Practices - There are no make-ups for teams.  Injured gymnasts are expected to attend gym with an adjusted conditioning schedule.


Open Workout - The gym is available for all registered team gymnasts to work out on their own whenever the gym is open with the understanding that they are practicing and training with dedication.  We offer this as compensation for missed class time or if the gym is closed.  Attendance for social reasons is not allowed.  This option may not be available to introductory team levels.  Check with your child’s coach.


Summer Tuition - The summer tuition is presented as four payments (4 sessions for the entire summer).  There will be no tuition discounts given during the summer months for vacations, attending other gym camps, etc.


Holiday Workout - Holiday workout is billed separately due to the fact that the holiday and normal schedule vary.


Private Lessons - Private lessons are available.  Cash payments are required and paid to NEGTC before the lesson begins.  Please check with the coach for their available schedule.  Check with the office for rates.


Registration Fee - A non-refundable $180 registration fee is due when your gymnast re-enrolls each May.  The registration fee covers excess medical and liability insurance on each gymnast in addition to administrative costs and athlete supplies.  Our insurance carrier insists that we must have a participation agreement and record of payment for insurance on each gymnast.  If your child is injured, you submit all medical bills to your insurance carrier.  NEGTC does not process claims.  You should submit any deductibles or excess medical expenses not covered by your insurance to NEGTC’s insurance plan.  You are responsible for the deductible before NEGTC’s insurance will pick up supplemental medical.


IV.  Meet/Clinic Fee Assessments (fees may be adjusted if meets or expenses are added)



Assessment Fees  (This applies only to Team & Xcel only)


Meet/Clinic Fee Assessments (fees may be adjusted if meets or expenses are added).

All meet/clinic fees, coaching fees, coaches’ travel/meals/lodging/fuel, etc. will be paid from one account - the assessment account.  This account is funded by assessments payments from all competing gymnasts.  THE ASSESSMENT FEE’S MAIN PURPOSE IS TO FUND YOUR GYMNAST’S MEET EXPENSES!  Assessments will help our gym run smoother and more professionally than ever.  Meet schedules are posted on NEGTC's website ( and also on the Team Info Board.  Once the meet schedule is available, an "excused" letter is emailed to every team parent during the Aug/Sept. timeframe.  If your child cannot attend a meet listed on the schedule, please follow instructions in that letter and respond by the deadline.  You will not be charged for any meet and coach fees that are excused by your coach, listed on that letter, signed by all parties and returned to the office within the deadline.  If a gymnast does not attend a meet not listed on that letter, all fees will be charged regardless of attendance.  It is the parent's responsibility to check the website and/or team board regarding competitions.


Assessment fees can be paid in 5 monthly payments as listed below or in one lump sum payment.  All payments should be cash or checks payable to “Team Parents Fund” and given to the office (credit cards NOT accepted).  Assessment payments cannot be combined with tuition fees paid to NEGTC.  It is a parent’s responsibility to make arrangements with Mary Ann if your assessment payment will not be made on a timely basis, otherwise all payments must be timely.  Please add a $25 late fee to all payments made after the 15th.  If the late payment is not added, it will be automatically deducted.


The 2016 - 2017 schedule is as follows:


June 15

July 15

August 15

Sept. 15

Oct. 15

Boy’s Levels 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9






Girl’s Levels 3, 4, 5






Girl’s Level 6, 7, 8, 9






Xcel  Compete All Levels







If 15th falls on a weekend or holiday, payment is due before the 15th (by previous business day)


Assessment fees are estimated based on the previous year's meet schedule therefore may not cover the current fees needed and do NOT include funds for travel meets.  If you are attending a travel meet, please add additional $275 to your account by the last payment date.  Also, this estimate does NOT include Regionals, Easterns, Nationals or TOPS.  You should check with the office prior to your qualifying meet regarding additional funds needed.  You may request a statement at any time from the office showing the status of your account.  Any negative balance must be paid immediately.  Any credit balance will be put towards the following year’s assessment fee.  If your child terminates the program and there is an out-of-pocket credit balance in your assessment account, you will automatically receive a refund for this amount (less any fees disbursed or due to NEGTC).  If you have a second child on the team program, then that balance will be transferred into that child’s account.  You should keep a minimum balance of $100 in your account at all times.


A gymnast may practice but not entered in or compete in any meets if your assessment payment is not paid on a timely basis.  Also, team uniform orders will be placed “on hold” until your account is current.  All missed assessments must be paid before competing in future meets.  The required payment is due in full on the dates posted.  Assessment fees are for expenses as stated.  Additional expenses are the responsibility of the gymnast and will be billed.


NOTE:  As a team member of NEGTC you make a commitment to train and compete.  You are expected to compete as well as make your competitions as much a priority as we do.  When you do not compete, you affect the team, the gym and the budget that was designed with all gymnasts competing.  The exception to the above would be for a new level gymnast who is not ready and is not recommended to compete by his/her coach.  The meet schedule is posted in Aug/Sept. timeframe so that you can make sure your child is available for all meets.  It is important that you find a way for your child to attend . . . please consider carpooling if you are not available.


Questions should be emailed to Mary Ann at  Thanks.

V.      Team Uniforms



Each gymnast must have an approved NEGTC Team uniform to compete.  No other uniform will be allowed.  Exceptions will be made only by the Owners.


Team Uniform:  a complete boy’s uniform consists of tank shirt, shorts, warm up pants, jacket and gym bag.  Team uniform may change every couple of years.  Exceptions will be made only by the Owners.  The owners may dismiss a gymnast from a competition and possibly team membership if he presents himself out of the approved NEGTC team uniform.


Please keep in mind that it takes approximately 6-8 weeks to receive uniforms once they are ordered.


Uniforms may be purchased directly from other gymnasts for a discounted rate.  The gym takes no part or responsibility in the resale of team uniforms.


All special orders must be paid for when the order is placed.



VI.     Discipline Procedures



1st infraction:  Verbal warning.  Depending upon severity, down time (time out) or conditioning.  Weak areas may b e a useable consequence.  Coach must notify parent with phone call or email.


2n infraction:  Send home for the evening with follow up parent phone call regarding infraction and mandatory parent conference.  Gymnast not allowed back without conference.


3rd  infraction:  Temporary or permanent suspension from team.


If problem persists, additional suspension time will be given as determined by coach and owners.  Expulsion from team is also an option.


NOTE:  A gymnast may be scratched from an event or meet for discipline reasons or uncontrolled reactions to a score or performance result.  A gymnast may be scratched from an event or meet as a result of parent’s uncontrolled reactions to a score or performance result.  There will be no refund of meet/coach fee if a gymnast is scratched.


When NEGTC hosts a meet in our gym, it is mandatory that all team coaches, parents and gymnasts in attendance pitch in and help setup up the gym for the meet and clean up the gym and put all equipment back to its original location before leaving the gym.  The success of our program is based on teamwork and you are expected to be part of it.  Failure to do so, may effect your child’s participation in our program.


VII.   Gymnast Rules & Guidelines



In order to have a more harmonious learning situation in the gym, the gymnasts must maintain a certain standard of discipline.  This will a) establish and maintain order as well as safety, b) keep the time wasted on discipline to a minimum, c) enhance the productivity of each gymnast.  Let’s face it, every NEGTC member wants to be the best they can be and, therefore, we need discipline.  On the other hand, we also want each gymnast to have fun while he is at NEGTC.  Yet even fun demands a certain level of discipline.  As a result, following is a list of guidelines we expect each gymnast to follow:


1.        No food or drinks are allowed in the gym.  Upon asking permission from the appropriate coach, a gymnast may drink water from the water cooler located within the gym.


2.        Gymnasts are to keep talking to a minimum during the entire workout!  In many training situations, gymnasts will be asked to refrain from talking in order to be more productive.  Excessive use of chalk at bars may warrant a gymnast to vacuum and mop the bar areas!


3.        All gymnasts must help move equipment as well as help straighten the gym after each practice and home meet.  Also, it’s the gymnasts’ responsibility to keep their lockers clean.  Also, please pick up after yourselves and each other when snack time is over!  Use the trash barrels.


4.        When not on equipment gymnasts are to work drills as directed by the coach, i.e. side stations, etc.  Standing and waiting is not acceptable…side stations can curtail that!


5.        Gymnasts are to show sportsmanship and kindness to fellow team members.  ANY attempt to create or cause injury to another gymnast will result in disciplinary action.


6.        Back talk, rolling eyes or sly remarks to any coach will not be tolerated.  Continuous idle chatter and constant comments about the need for breaks or moving to another rotation is not acceptable gymnast behavior!


7.        Quarreling or name-calling will not be tolerated.  Also, off-color or crude remarks will not be tolerated at any time.


8.        Under no circumstances is one gymnast to criticize another gymnast’s performance or practice at NEGTC or any other gym.


9.        Gymnasts are to remember to ask for help while working on a skill that they feel they need coaching/spotting assistance and/or experience a “fear” level!


10.             Gymnasts are encouraged to make as much use as possible of practice time with proper form.


11.             Gymnasts are to encourage and support each other in becoming great athletes.


12.             Gymnasts must make and KEEP corrections given by coaches.


13.             No communicating with parents who are in the mezzanine during team practice time.

VII.   Gymnast Rules & Guidelines CONT’D



14.  Clothing, grips, weights, etc. are not to be left around the gym floor.  Clothing, grips, weights, etc. picked up by NEGTC staff will be brought to the office.  It will cost each gymnast $1.00 to receive these items back and, in addition, gym chores and/or additional conditioning will be assigned to that gymnast.  PLEASE PICK UP AFTER YOURSELVES.  USE YOUR LOCKERS and please keep them clean . . . . stickers on lockers (inside & outside) are NOT allowed.  Parents – please pitch in with odor control and remind your child to take clothing & other items home and clean out their lockers when the gym is closed for extended periods such as holidays.


15.  Team tryouts are held by appointment and scheduled through the office.


16.  Past or present team members who transfer to another gym are allowed to transfer back to NEGTC one time only but subject to the owners’ discretion.  Should said gymnast leave the team a second time that move will be permanent unless specifically approved ahead of time with the Owners.


17.  Coaches Evaluation - The coaches and owners have the final say in any gymnast’s progression.  Upon making the qualifying scores and skills, a gymnast’s attitude, discipline, strength, flexibility and ability will be evaluated by the coaches and owners.  Based on their evaluation, the determination will be made regarding said gymnast’s progression.


18.  Score - a gymnast must make the qualifying score the required number of times before becoming eligible to move to the next level.  These scores must be obtained in a USA Gymnastics (USAG) sanctioned meet.


19.  Competing for High School Team - a member of NEGTC team may compete for his high school provided no NEGTC regularly scheduled practices or meets are missed unless approved by the appropriate NEGTC coach.


20.  Length of Time at a Competition Level - A gymnast must compete one (1) full competition season at the level he progresses to (see “Exception below”).  A competition year is determined by the date of the state championship of a particular level.  Exception - In the event that an athlete has demonstrated national caliber potential, upon advice/recommendation from her coach, and with approval from the owners, the gymnast may move up a competitive level without completing their current competitive level season.


21.  Qualifications for Competition - While a gymnast may move up to or practice at the next level, he will not compete at that level until (1) all basic skills of the routines are performed without a spot; (2) all routines are performed safely and with the gymnast in control; (3) all routines are performed correctly and meet the event requirements for that level; and (4) the gymnast has the discipline and the maturity level of competition demands.


22.  Scratches - All USAG gymnasts must compete in all events unless forced to scratch a result of an injury or recommendation from his coach.  There are no refunds for meet scratches for any reason including but not limited to injuries or bad weather unless the money is refunded by the host gym.

VII.   Gymnast Rules & Guidelines CONT’D



23.  The gymnast is obligated to:

Obtain an athlete member number from USAG office and be prepared to show her membership card at all sanctioned events in which he participates.  The athlete number must be renewed every August (see page 5 of this manual on Athlete membership!)


Be present at the site of the meet 15 minutes prior to stretch & warm-ups.


Remain in the area of competition that is designated for gymnasts as competitors or as observers.  Obey warm-up regulations and rotation schedules.


Present in the proper attire.  A deduction can be applied for the infraction of not having the required competitive uniform. .  In addition, the owners may dismiss a gymnast from a competition and possibly team membership if he presents himself out of the approved NEGTC team uniform.


Be extremely well groomed in his appearance, clean attire, hair groomed, free from any object which may hinder or endanger his safety (jewelry, etc.)


Accept the received score without criticism or comment.


Be courteous, respectful and polite to all meet officials, coaches, hostesses, competitors and associated persons.  Exhibit self-control and calmness in the case of a fall or injury.  Uncontrolled or needless crying is unacceptable behavior in the event of a minor injury!!  Crying for other reasons other than serious injury is unacceptable and may result in removal of the gymnast from the practice/meet.


Age Determination - The gymnast’s age for the competitive season is September 1st.  The gymnast must compete in USAG meets in the same age division for the entire season.



Age Groups

Age groups to be determined by NEGTC’s coach.




VIII.  NEGTC Guidelines for Parents


1.         No parents/spectators are allowed in the gym area for any reason.  If you need to communicate with your child or the coach during class, please ask the office for assistance.  NO EXCEPTIONS!  No communication over the mezzanine wall to your child or his coach during team practice.


2.         All team parents must maintain a minimum $50 balance in the Assessment Account.  This balance is to be determined by the Owners.  A gymnast may practice but not be entered in or compete in any meet if the assessment payment is not paid on a timely basis or late.  THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS.  All missed assessments must be paid before ordering team uniforms and competing in future meets.  A $25.00 per payment late fee is deducted from all delinquent accounts.


3.        On a daily basis, parents are responsible for checking their email and reading all updates and announcements posted on the Team Info Board located in the mezzanine.


4.        You must pay your training fee in full and on time.  If your child will be out for any reason during the week your tuition payment is due, we would ask that you mail your payment in.  To avoid a $20.00 late fee, please allow for your payment to reach us by the due date.  Please see the due dates posted on your payment schedule.


5.        Parents are not to critique, compare or criticize a gymnast’s performance unless they are paying that gymnast’s tuition bill.  Statements like, “he’s much better in the gym“, my child has better form”, he’s not as good as my child”, “my child is better than ....... and should be included in that program”, etc. etc. will not be allowed.  If we hear about this, we will talk to you personally & privately.  If such actions continue, disciplinary action will be taken by the owners.  Continued criticisms or comparisons of another gymnast may prevent your son from participating in our program!


   6.               When making comments during competition whether you are at NEGTC or another gym, please be aware of the people around you.  How any part of our program is seen will be how our entire program is viewed.  We want everyone to be proud of the NEGTC team and our spectators are a very important part of that.  Also please remember that our Recreational Program is a very important part of our program.  Also, please be aware of recreational parents around you in the viewing area when making comments during practice time.  Derogatory comments with regard to NEGTC or individuals will not be tolerated!

VIII.  NEGTC Guidelines for Parents CONT’D



7.                  Parents at all meets will observe good sportsmanship and respect.  Failure to follow this rule is cause for banning YOU from all team meets and activities.  Spectators can cause a team deduction when “out of line” at competitions!  Examples for this would be:

·                 Booing judges and/or talking to judges.

·                 Screaming/cheering too loudly so that the officiating process is disrupted.

·                 Being in the competitive arena.  (This includes photographers!)

·                 Approaching the head table (scoring table) asking for your son’s score.

·                 The use of flash pictures is dangerous and strictly prohibited.


8.                  If you have a question about a score, you must ask the coach who will then follow USAG guidelines.  Parents are not to talk to or question judges, meet directors or scoring panel at any time - you must go through your coach.  Failure to do so may mean a meet suspension and having to write a letter of apology to the judge.  Also, you may only approach the coach at the end of a competition.


9.                  In the absence of the Owners, a coach in charge has the final word at meets and in practice.  If you feel an unjust action has been taken by a coach you must meet with him/her privately.  Our coaches have been instructed to refuse to discuss concerns in public - if possible they will take you to a private office to discuss the problem.  However, class time and anytime during the meet is NOT the place to discuss problems.  If a coach has to leave the floor during their class time, you should refrain from asking them questions (this includes those “quick questions”).  They have a class in session and your question should wait until after class is finished.  If an amicable solution cannot be found in private, then you and the coach are to make a joint appointment with the Owners.  Also, please do not call the office and ask to speak to a coach while he/she has a class in session.  You may call and leave a message and your call or concern will be addressed once the instructor has finished his or her classes.


10.                Team Coaches have been assigned specific responsibilities.  When scheduling private lessons, you should schedule with the coach who is responsible for your gymnast.  Please check with them for their hourly rate.


11.                The insurance policy carried by NEGTC will pay medical costs not paid for by your personal health insurance (less any deductible).  The parents of the gymnast must handle all claims reporting.

VIII.  NEGTC Guidelines for Parents CONT’D



       13.       Calling in Scores/Team Results to Newspapers – Only designated press release coordinators may call in team scores and results to the newspapers.  They should also take charge of following up to see whether or not the article was published.  Also, parents living in certain areas should check the newspapers and bring in a copy of the article when published to the office.  Always try and submit a photo with press releases.  Check with the office to see if a photo is available.  A draft of each press release should have Mary Ann’s approval prior to publishing.  Parents are not allowed to individually submit a picture and press release in their local newspaper.  All newspaper articles and pictures must have Mary Ann’s prior approval.  In conjunction with this, NEGTC team gymnasts should only wear their competition uniforms when they are competing for NEGTC or unless expressly instructed to do so by NEGTC coaches/management.


       14.       Gymnasts are not allowed to wait for their rides outside the facility.  If a parent is not timely in picking up their child, the gymnast must wait within our facility.


       15.       Summer Vacation/Time Off - Our competitive team program runs year round from September through August.  Attendance in the summer is mandatory.  We run an 8-week July-August program.  We are closed the first week of July and last week of August into the Labor Day holiday.  All gymnasts must attend a minimum of 7 out of the 8 weeks during the summer program.  Please plan your vacations accordingly.  There will be no tuition discounts given during the summer months for vacations, attending other gym camps, etc.


       16.       NEGTC Parent Meetings - It is important that you attend all mandatory parent meetings when scheduled by owner(s).  This affords us the opportunity to communicate certain information regarding the program.  It’s usually a handful of parents who do not attend meetings and do not communicate with the office and, therefore, it is this group who we are trying to reach through mandatory meetings.  We would appreciate your support.


       17.       Weight Control:  At NEGTC, we approach weight in a two-fold manner.  First, we stress healthy eating to avoid unnatural weight gain and second, we have strength development to give the boys the ability to handle the natural weight gain that comes with maturity.  There is no getting around the fact that unnatural weight control is detrimental to a gymnast.  Remember, a gymnast is not your average child or just another kid down the street.  An average child doesn’t throw, toss and hurl their body weight across a floor.  Body weight - especially unnecessary or unnatural body weight - does matter to a gymnast.  We ask your guidance in assisting us with providing your child a rounded diet that includes fat, protein and carbohydrates derived from fruits, vegetables and pastas.  Please do not provide fat free foods. . . . . athletes need fats!

VIII.  NEGTC Guidelines for Parents Cont’d



       18.       Weight Control Cont’d:  Unnatural weight could mean injury or an inability to perform skills once mastered.  Simply put, an unnaturally overweight gymnast may lack the energy and strength needed to push more body weight through the skill.  The result here is frustration or, worse yet, injury.  In addition, gaining unnatural weight because of a bad diet is simply not healthy - whether you do gymnastics or not!  Ask any doctor!


On the other hand, we must remember that under eating can be as bad or even worse than overeating.  Above all, NEGTC does not want our gymnasts to refuse food.  Refusing food may cause fatigue and weakness - another cause of injury.  In the worse case, refusing food can lead to eating disorders.


Parent’s can help us develop safe and healthy gymnasts by refocusing your gymnast’s eating habits toward healthy meals and snacks.  An occasional candy bar or ice cream is fine but the gymnast’s general eating habits must be healthy if she is to be successful.  Remember, the more consistent and healthy your child’s diet is, the easier it will be for him to maintain his weight and the level of safety needed to be a good, maybe even great gymnast.


       19.       REMEMBER IT IS AGAINST NEGTC POLICY TO CALL COACHES AT HOME OR ON THEIR CELL PHONE.  It is important that the coaches “downtime” is respected.


     20.     VIEWING POLICY – Please understand that the team viewing policy is 15 minutes when dropping off and 15 minutes when picking up.





1.        COACHES EVALUATION - The Coaches and Owners have the final say in any gymnast’s progression.  Upon making the qualifying scores and skills, a gymnast’s attitude, discipline, strength, flexibility and ability will be evaluated by the coaches and the owners.  At this evaluation, the determination will be made regarding said gymnast’s progression.


Criteria for Boys advancement through each level:


1.      Athlete must attain 75% of next level skills and achieve 4 out of the 6 events by mid August, not with perfection but with sufficient execution and moderate success.  Athletes who do not meet these guidelines by mid August will be reconsidered to repeat their previous level.

2.      Consistent All-around average of 57.00 (at least 3 times).

3.      Gymnast’s strength and flexibility.

4.      Gymnast’s attendance at practice and meets.

5.      Parental support.

6.      Working ethics and attitude.

7.      Attend the State Meet unless excused by his coach and the owners.








PARENT’S E-MAIL ADDRESS __________________________________  (REQUIRED)


HOME TEL #  (________)  _____________________________


SCHOOL ATTENDING ______________________________________        GRADE _______

















Father’s signature:________________________________________        _______________


Work Phone (______)_______________________     Cell Phone (_______)____________________


Mother’s signature:_______________________________________        _______________


Work Phone (______)_______________________     Cell Phone (_______)____________________


Gymnast’s signature:______________________________________       _______________










DERRY NEWS/LONDONDERRY TIMES                                                 _________

Zachary Crimmins               L4       Londonderry             Press Release Coordinator

Andrew Law                       L5       Londonderry

Nolan McKivergan               L6       Londonderry


DRACUT NEWS                                                                    __________________

Jack Foster                        L5       Dracut, Ma              Press Release Coordinator



HUDSON/LITCHFIELD NEWS                                                                              ___

Aiden Auretto                     L8       Litchfield                  Press Release Coordinator

Alex Garand                       L6       Litchfield

Liam Ireland                      L6       Hudson

Shane Ireland                    L4       Hudson


NASHUA TELEGRAPH  NEWS                                           __________________

Gabriel Tifone-Gravel           L4       Nashua                   Press Release Coordinator



PELHAM/WINDHAM NEWS                                                                                  ___

Kyle Bailey                         L4       Windham                 Press Release Coordinator

Sebastian Martinez              L6       Windham

Patrick Soonthornprapuet      L8       Pelham


SANDOWN                                                                                                                ___

Jimmy Thompson               L4       Sandown                 Press Release Coordinator





(available from the office)


(available from the office)









Tuition is based on the spot that is saved for your child, not the time attended.  If anyone terminates the program after a session has started, there will be no refund of tuition.  We ask that your child finish the current session and notify the office of the termination before the next session begins.


The annual registration fee is non-refundable.


The Pre-Team, Team & Xcel program is a commitment that must be taken seriously!  It runs year round, from June through May.


So that there will not be any misunderstanding of NEGTC’s No Refund Policy, we require that everyone must sign this statement.







________________________________________       ____________________

                                Signature                                                      Date


NEGTC Calendar




NEGTC CALENDAR, click on following link:




USA Gymnastics Athlete Registration form, click on following link: Services/ms_athleteform.pdf

2017 -2018 NEGTC Calendar

Please attend your regularly scheduled class.  There are no make-ups for missed classes and there are no refunds.

We automatically reserve your spot from session to session.  Please notify us if you do not want to continue.

We do not automatically charge your credit card....Please present it to the office so we can swipe it.




2017- 2018

8 week

Session Dates

Class & Camp

Tuition Due

on or before

Team & Preteam

Tuition Due

on or before

Session 1

Sept. 4 – Oct. 28, 2017

Sept. 9

Sept. 9  Session 1-1

Sept. 30 Session 1-2

Session 2

Oct. 30 – Dec. 23, 2017

Oct. 28

Oct. 28  Session 2-1

Nov. 22 Session 2-2

Session 3

Jan. 1 - Feb. 24, 2018

Jan. 6

Jan. 6  Session 3-1

Jan. 27 Session 3-2

Session 4

Feb. 26 – Apr. 21, 2018

Feb. 24

Feb. 24  Session 4-1

March 24 Session 4-2

Session 5

Apr 30 – June 23, 2018

Apr. 21

Apr. 21  Session 5-1

May 26 Session 5-2

Session 6

June 25 – Aug. 24, 2018

June 23

June 23  Session 6-1

July 27 Session 6-2

2018 - 2019




Session 1

Sept. 3 - Oct. 27, 2018

Sept. 8

Sept. 8  Session 1-1

Sept. 29 Session 1-2


Labor Day, Sept. 4.  Make Up Sept. 9  Preschool & Rec 12:15–1:15pm


Thanksgiving, Nov. 23, 24, 25.  Make Ups as follows:

         Dec. 2 Preschool, Rec & Cheer 12:15-1:15pm


Winter Vacation, Dec. 25 - 30 ***No Make-ups - not part of a paid session


New Years Day, Jan. 1.  Make Up Jan. 13


Spring Vacation; April 23 – 28.  No Make Ups - not part of a paid session


Memorial Day, May 28.  Make Up June 2  Preschool & Rec  12:15-1:15pm


Summer Vacation:

Preteam, Team & Xcel, closed week of July 2 - 6.

Classes, closed week of July 2 - 6. No Make Ups – not part of a paid session

OPEN for camps, July 2, 3, 5, 6  (closed July 4)


Summer Vacation:

Aug. 27 – 31.  No Make Ups  (office is open to accept registrations)


Open Gym is offered for preschool kids every Tues, Wed & Thurs, 11am – 12noon (Sept 5 thru June 21.

No open gym during the summer).


If your payment will be late for any reason, i.e. out sick, vacation, etc., we ask that you mail your payment in.

We do not accept payments over the phone.  A $20 late is due with all late payments.  Thank you.


When you sign up, your spot in class is automatically saved for you from session to session thru the end of June.

You do not need to re-enroll each session.  However, if you do not want to continue, you MUST inform the office

so we can release your spot in class and stop your billing.   Notice must be given before the session starts.



Boys Team Competition Bag Check List




Each team member is responsible for packing and transporting their competition bag to every meet.  To help you get organized for the competition season, we are providing you with the following check list.


While you may arrive at a meet with your meet attire on and your hair neatly combed, you may wish to consider packing extra items as recommended for emergencies.



* Team warm up jacket

* Team competitive pants

* Team tank top

* Team black shorts

* Clean black socks


* Black shorts

* NEGTC gym t-shirt


* Gel, spritz, mousse

* Brush

* Comb


* Grip bag and grips (when you get them)

* Wristbands



* Tape and pre-wrap

*Always have a roll of each in your bag